POLITICAL INTERVIEW: Former SSA to the governor on Environment , and a favourite for the Ogun state governorship seat 2019 had a chit chat with Radio Host Waley

The Radio Sensation and Mic Enigma Rh Waley Interviewed Otunba Abayomi odunowo, Otunba Abayomi odunowo Quoted
 As far as I am concerned my word is my bond, anything I say must be done if I don’t say it then anything can happen
The Interview Between The Radio Sensation and Otunba Abayomi odunowo Below:

Interviewer: Good day sir, I am RH Waley, Can we meet you Sir?

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: My name is Otunba Abayomi Odunowo, my father is from ijebu ode,and my mother is from Yewa and Egba. 

Interviewer: Smiles, you are a true son of the soil

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: Thank you so much

Interviewer: Whats your educational background sir?

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: I went to school at list I went to mayflower school ikenne Dr Taiye Solarin’s school, and I graduated at the university of Nigeria Nsukka with BEng. Agricultural Engineering amongst other things.

Interviewer: What is your political Antecedent sir? 

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: Hmmmmmn... I contested for Governorship with Gov Ibikunle Amosun in 2011 under the platform of ACN, 

Interviewer: That's great, So he won at the primary election, or you were persuaded to pave way for him?

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: There was no primaries the party leaders just gave him against all odds. They told me if I do not like what they have done I should go and start my own party as we requested for primaries

Interviewer: What did you do afterwards?

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: I spoke with the leaders and they pleaded with me to join hands in ensuring we won against PDP and they where going to compensate me for all my efforts and ideas in building the party. In the interest of all my supporters I stayed and we won the elections. There after it was stories. I was given an appointment as the SSA to the governor on environment the position I held until I resigned due to the fact that the governor had his own agenda against our electoral promises and I cannot not be part of such, so I left. Just before his re-election in 2015.

Interviewer: Why did you choose to be different? You could have play on with his tactics and agenda, maybe one day you'll get a Chance?

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: I am not in Politics because I am looking for benefits or money, I am only there in the interest of my people and when this interests is not been protected I cannot belong to such groups. I was offered Minister to dump my believe then and join PDP I refused since I believe PDP did not have the interest of the people just the interest of a few gladiators, right now I see that APC and PDP are two sides of the same coin based on the people in control. Although I still believe APC can do much better and they should be what am seeing now is very disheartening.

Interviewer: Hmmm!... Please do you have a political godfathers or mentor? What was their take on your decision?

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: I don’t have a political God Father I don’t believe in my destiny in anybody is hands but myself but I have two political mentors one is deceased Alhaji Rokeeb Adeniji and one is still alive and kicking Aremo Segun Osoba

Interviewer: What's your idea of government at the grassroot?

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: The local  government should handle more in collaboration with the kabiesi so that true benefit will come to the grassroots and the people since Politics is Local, however the people in government believe it will reduce there power. 
I do not believe so I think  local Government and the Kabiesis should do more most importantly because the Kabiesis would always be there till they die while LG Chairmen is just three years the kabiesi would ensure continuity of what his people want. That really is my main strategy if God makes it happen.

Interviewer: The current government has sidelined and reduce the power of the local government, what's your take on that? And do you think local government can function without the help from the upper power ( state government)

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: No it’s not possible that is why I said to you my strategy is that so we can get rapid development across board at the same time

Interviewer: Are you into any business Sir?

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: How else would I survive if am not into business I am into telecoms and power industry with operations in 14 counties.

Interviewer: Thank you for giving us the privilege to share your world with you. 

Otunba Abayomi odunowo: You welcome, its My utmost pleasure..


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