Bose Alao And Her Husband, Omotoyosi Rasaq Split After 10th Anniversary

One week after she celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband, Omotoyosi Rasaq who is also a footballer, Nollywood actress, Bose Alao took to her Whatsapp status to announce the end of their marriage.
According to Bose Alao who said she has had enough of suffering and smiling, her husband threatened to send her to the mortuary.
She also added that her husband has sisters, yet no one batters them. Bose Alao concluded her rant, by stating that her phone was destroyed by her husband who left scars all over her body.
On their 10th wedding anniversary, Bola Alao who shared a video of her husband, wrote;
A Decade already!!!!!!
A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people, who refuse to give up on each other.
Happy anniversary to Mr & Mrs Omotoyossi
But chai, I look 15 tho
Unlimited Ife Olorun
I need you by my side even in the next 60years
I am a real Queen
I deserve all happiness ….
Your children remain 3 boys for my body, all I ask is may God grant your heart desires In Jesus name . You Deserve all happiness Mr Rasakii
In an interview shortly after she got battered by her husband months ago, the actress said who was reached out to by Sunday scoop said;
“I know what you want to talk about, and I am not interested in saying anything about it.”
Prodded to make a comment to allay the worries of her fans who are worried about her well-being, she said, “My lawyer has told me not to say anything about that issue, and I’m keeping to his advice.”
On how she met her husband, she said;
My hubby was a fan and I met him through a colleague. It is not true that he paid millions for my phone number.
I am happy I met my hubby and that I am married to him. I did my children a great favour by having him as their dad.
Despite the fact that he is a footballer, he lives a very decent life. He has his flaws and I have mine but we are both working on ourselves.
I usually listen to advice from family, friends and fans. And in everything I do, I always think of my kids first.


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